BSM offers a broad selection of pumps capable of handling a wider range of applications than any other pump in the industry. All BSM Pumps are manufactured to strict quality standards assuring the dependability you need to keep your equipment functioning. BSM Pumps are unsurpassed for fluid transfer, lubrication, hydraulic, and coolant applications. BSM engineers have designed and manufactured pumps for many special purposes in widely diversified fields.

Our broad experience with a wider variety of liquids than any other manufacturer of pumps is available for the design of completely special units and for recommendations to individual requirements. With pump ratings up to 2000 psi and 183.2 gpm, handling liquid viscosities from water thin to 1,000,000 ssu its a sure bet that BSM has the right pump to satisfy your specific requirements.

BSM Channel Iron Baseplates are available in various widths and lengths to accomodate a variety of mounting requirements.