Corporate Description
BSM Pump Corporation manufactures a line of rotary gear, vane, and centrifugal pumps for the Industrial and O.E.M. marketplace.

Mission Statement
It is the mission of the Corporation, and its employees, to provide on time delivery of quality products, at competitive prices and with the highest level of customer service.

Industries Served
BSM Pump Corp. serves the following industries…Machine Tool; Power Generating; Canning; Refrigeration; Chemical; Petroleum; Military; Lubrication Systems; Filtering Systems; and many others.

Major Products
BSM Pump Corporation’s product offering consists of the following products…

External Rotary Gear Pumps
Flow rates to 180 gpm; discharge pressures to 2000 psi; liquid viscosities from water thin to 1,000,000 ssu; materials of construction are gray iron, bronze, carbon steel, ductile iron, and 316 stainless steel. Other options include type of seal, bearings, mounting arrangement, integral relief valve.

Automatic Reversing Vane Pumps
Flow rates to 11 gpm; discharge pressures to 100 psi; materials of construction are cast iron and steel. Other options include three different mounting arrangements and packed seal or lip seal.

Centrifugal Pumps
Flow rates to 80 gpm: 24 ft discharge head; materials of construction are gray iron and steel. Other options include different motor voltages; various column lengths; and mounting arrangements.

Lubrication, Coolant, and Hydraulic Assemblies
Close Coupled Motor Driven Rotary Gear or Centrifugal Pumps are mounted on rigid welded sheet steel tanks of various sizes to create compact portable lubrication or coolant assemblies. The tanks are supplied with an access cover which is easily removed to service filters or strainers without disturbing the pump assembly or piping. Return lines extending below the liquid level and baffles in the tank prevent turbulence. Other standard built-in extras include a pressure gage, relief valve, strainer/filter and piping to pump.

BSM Pump Corp. markets its products through a nationwide network of Value Added Distributors, Pump Distributors, and Industrial Distributors.

Technical Support
Technical product support is provided by factory trained distributor sales representatives located throughout the USA and Canada as well as our own sales engineers and service technicians located at our factory in East Providence, Rhode Island.

Spur Gear, Helical Gear y Herringbone
Spur Gear, Helical Gear and Herringbone Gear