Ordering Information

BSM Order Process


Standard Pumps

Inquiries regarding pricing for standard pumps (713) should be submitted to: [email protected] or via our online quote form.

Custom Pumps

Inquiries regarding pricing for special pumps (714), designed for a specific application, should be submitted to: Bob Foster [email protected].

Please keep in mind that request for quotes are NOT considered to be orders. Direct all orders to [email protected] as detailed below to avoid delays.


New orders should be submitted to: [email protected].
Please include the following:

• Purchase order number
• BSM Item number and quantity
• Price
• Bill to
• Payment method
• Ship to address
• Shipping method

You will receive a confirmation email, including lead time, within 1-3 business days of your order. Current lead times vary between 4 to 26 weeks, depending on inventory.
Any orders not confirmed by [email protected] will be invalid and will not be honored.


For questions or concerns regarding an order placed AFTER February 1, 2023, contact [email protected].
All orders placed BEFORE February 1, 2023 are currently categorized as BACKORDERED.
Inquiries regarding these orders should be submitted to: [email protected].
Please be aware that ALL backorders not confirmed by BSM will carry an additional 35% surcharge due to increased material, labor and shipping costs. Consent to the surcharge must be granted before a backorder can be processed.