BSM bronze pumps are ideal for use where corrosion resistant materials are required such as providing circulation on water-jacketed engines, pumping saline solutions as well as a variety of marine and other corrosive atmosphere applications.

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Design: Drive speeds to 900 rpm; discharge pressures to 100 psi; flow rate to 26.8 gpm; foot or flange mounted

Material: All bronze construction except models 23 & 24 which are equipped with corrosion resistant stainless steel shafts.

Bearings: Plain.

Seal: Compression packing.

Lubrication: Pumps are equipped with grease fittings.

Rotation: Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Either connection may be used for suction.

Liquid Viscosities: A wide range of clean or corrosive liquids.

Suction Lift: Up to 15″ Hg / 17 feet depending on the type of liquid being pumped.

Drive Options: A-Drive (pump connected to C-Face motor with adapter bracket and coupling), D-Drive (pump coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); GR-Drive (pump coupled to gear reducer coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); B- Drive (pump and motor connected by V-belt and pulleys mounted on baseplate).

Accessories: Repair Kits; Gear Sets; and Packing. Refer to Section 13.