The Heavy Duty S-Series pumps are designed to handle a wide variety of liquids and are particularly suitable for bulk transfer applications where long life and dependable service is required. The pumps are easy to install and maintain and are available in different materials to meet specific requirements.

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Design: Drive speeds to 1140 rpm; discharge pressures to 300 psi; flow rate to 175.0 gpm; foot mounted. Bronze or Ductile Iron thrust plates.

Material: Cast Iron casings with precision machined, heat treated gears and case hardened shafts. Pumps are also available in Ductile Iron.

Bearings: Anti-friction. Also available with iron or carbon graphite sleeve bearings.

Seal: Mechanical seal. Also available with packed seal.

Lubrication: Self lubricating using the pumped liquid. Also available for handling non-lubricating liquids.

Rotation: Clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. A reversible back drain permits direction of rotation to be easily changed in the field.

Liquid Viscosities: 100 ssu to 100,000 ssu. Clean liquids having good lubricating qualities. Adaptable for handling liquids of higher or lower viscosities.

Suction Lift: 28 Hg / 31 feet depending on the type of liquid being pumped.

Drive Options: D-Drive (pump coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); GR-Drive (pump coupled to gear reducer coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); B-Drive (pump and motor connected by V-belt and pulleys mounted on baseplate).

Accessories: Repair Kits; Gear Sets; and Seal Kits. Refer to Section 13.