BSM Stainless Steel Pumps are designed to handle the toughest Chemical Processing Applications.

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Design: Drive speeds to 1800 rpm; discharge pressures to 200 psi; flow rate to 32.0 gpm; foot or
flange mounted; with or without integral relief valve.

Material: 316 stainless steel casings with precision machined, 17-4 stainless steel gears and case
hardened shafts.

Bearings: Replaceable carbon graphite sleeve bearings with carbon graphite thrust plates.

Seal: Mechanical seal. Also available with compression packing or lip seal. Mechanical seal and
lip seals available with different elastomers for pumping different types of liquids.

Lubrication: Self lubricating using the pumped liquid. Also available for handling non-lubricating

Rotation: Pumps are available for clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation. Discharge is always on the side of the pump toward which the top of the shaft rotates.

Liquid Viscosities: 32 ssu to 100,000 ssu.

Suction Lift: Up to 28″ Hg / 31 feet depending on the type of liquid being pumped.

Drive Options: E-Drive (pump close coupled to motor); A-Drive (pump connected to C-Face motor with adapter bracket and coupling), D-Drive (pump coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); GR-Drive (pump coupled to gear reducer coupled to motor mounted on baseplate); B-Drive
(pump and motor connected by V-belt and pulleys mounted on baseplate).

Accessories: Repair Kits; Gear Sets; Bearing Kit, and Seal Kits. Refer to Section 13.